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The Affix Wellness Bundle - 18 Transdermal Hemp Patches for Pain Relief, Stress, and Focus

The Affix Wellness Bundle - 18 Transdermal Hemp Patches for Pain Relief, Stress, and Focus

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Elevate your wellness routine with the Affix Patch Wellness Trio Bundle, a comprehensive collection designed to cater to your every need. This exclusive bundle includes a 6-pack of each of our revolutionary transdermal patches: ComfortFIX, RestFIX, and AwakeFIX. Experience the synergistic benefits of hemp extract, vitamins, and essential oils delivered directly through your skin.

ComfortFIX: Bid farewell to muscle soreness, menstrual cramps, and persistent aches. Infused with our proprietary blend of hemp extract and soothing essential oils, ComfortFIX patches offer targeted relief, ensuring you stay comfortable and active throughout your day.

RestFIX: Navigate life's stresses with ease. RestFIX patches are your go-to solution for managing stress and anxiety. Formulated with a calming blend of hemp extract and natural ingredients, these patches help you maintain a serene and balanced state of mind.

AwakeFIX: Enhance your mental clarity and focus. Ideal for professionals, students, and anyone engaged in thought-intensive tasks, AwakeFIX patches combine hemp extract with brain-boosting components, supporting your cognitive functions and helping you stay sharp and concentrated.

Why Choose the Wellness Trio Bundle?

  • Comprehensive Solution: A holistic approach to wellness, addressing pain relief, stress management, and cognitive support.
  • Innovative Transdermal Delivery: Our unique skin-based delivery method ensures a safer and more consistent experience compared to traditional oral and inhaled solutions.
  • Quality and Safety: Sourced directly from trusted manufacturers, our patches are designed with your safety and well-being in mind.
  • Cost-Effective: Enjoy the benefits of all three patches at a competitive price, making wellness accessible to everyone.

Embrace a balanced lifestyle with the Affix Patch Wellness Trio Bundle. Your journey to enhanced well-being starts here.

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    Plant-powered wellness patches to take on any day

    At Affix Patch, we're redefining wellness through our groundbreaking plant powered patches that deliver hemp, essential oils and vitamins. We understand that your daily struggles and health needs are as unique as you are, which is why we offer not one, but three tailored solutions to harmonize your daily life.

    Whether you're aiming for enhanced focus, relaxation, or relief from minor discomforts, our products are designed to support whatever the day throws at you.

    Discover your best self with Affix Patch. Your personalized path to plant-powered wellness

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why should I use patches?

    Our patches utilize our proprietary technology to deliver a consistent dose over a 24 hour period whereas pills, creams, and other methods deliver a large dose all at once that your body simply cannot absorb.

    We ensure all-natural relief, safely and effectively, by bypassing the stomach digestion and getting you back to your best!

    Simply peel, place, and enjoy with AffixPatch. Done with the patch? Just simply remove when you are done :)

    What's in this patch?

    Our patches are a proprietary blend of premium hemp, vitamins, and essential oils. Made entirely in the USA

    Are these patches safe?

    We take every step to ensure that our customers are getting the best and safest products available by utilizing stringent manufacturing policies and 3rd party testing facilities to achieve the highest quality and purity available.

    Our patches are designed to work with your body, not against it. Our products are dermatologically tested, latex free, paraben free, and cruelty free. Please consult with your doctor if you are unsure if this, or any new product, is right for you.

    What can I expect?

    Our patches are designed to start working immediately. There is a "ramp up" period for delivery and for your body to absorb and circulate, however everyone is different.

    Where do I put on the patch?

    Apply the patch to do a clean, dry area and keep the patch dry for up to 15 minutes while it takes hold. We recommend a venous area like the inside of your wrist.

    However, ComfortFix is designed to be worn at or near the intended area to ensure maximum relief. For best results do not remove and attempt to reapply

    How long should I wear my patch?

    Our proprietary slow release technology is the best available in the market, delivering a lab-tested consistent dose for 24 hours. If you feel that you have achieved the necessary benefits of our products, simply remove the patch. 

    How do I know these work?

    We conduct extensive lab testing from 3rd party facilities to ensure our customers are getting the best ingredients and experience in the market today! Give us a try and see for yourself :)

    Does this product contain THC? Will I fail a drug test?

    No, AffixPatch products do not contain any THC. Our US grown hemp is certified to be THC-free.

    Peel, Place, Enjoy 😊

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    • RestFIX™ Relaxation Patches

      • ​Manage Stressful Days: Our all-natural formula is made with hemp extract and magnolia oil for feelings of peace and relaxation.
      • ​Reduce Restlessness: Take your mind off the "to do" list and bring some much needed zen to your day. 
      Shop RestFIX 
    • ComfortFIX™ Relief Patches

      • ​Ease Aches & Pain: Our all-natural formula is made for targeted pain relief.
      • ​Post Workout Recovery: Our patch delivers for 24 hours until your next session.
      • ​Hangover Relief: Patch on before bed or the morning after.
      Shop ComfortFix 
    • AwakeFIX™ Focus Patches

      • ​Improve Clarity: With our formula of hemp extract, tea tree oil, and lemongrass, you will have the vitality needed to get in the zone throughout your day. 
      • ​Active Days: Start your day by patching on with AwakeFIX and take on the day ahead of you.
      Shop AwakeFIX