Plant-powered wellness patches to take on any day

At Affix Patch, we're redefining wellness through our groundbreaking plant powered patches that deliver premium CBD, essential oils and vitamins. We understand that your daily struggles are as unique as you are.

Discover your best self with Affix Patch. Your personalized path to plant-powered wellness

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use patches?

Our patches utilize our proprietary technology to deliver a consistent dose over a 24 hour period whereas pills, creams, and other methods deliver a large dose all at once that your body simply cannot absorb.

Simply peel, place, and enjoy with AffixPatch. Done with the patch? Just simply remove when you are done :)

What's in this patch?

Our patches are a proprietary blend of premium CBD, vitamins, and essential oils. Made entirely in the USA

What can I expect?

Our patches are designed to start working immediately. There is a "ramp up" period for delivery and for your body to absorb and circulate, however everyone is different.

Where do I put on the patch?

Apply the patch to do a clean, dry area and keep the patch dry for up to 15 minutes while it takes hold. We recommend a venous area like the inside of your wrist.

Peel, Place, Enjoy 😊

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