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For Stress Relief
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For Stress Relief
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35mg CBD Per Patch
THC free

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Why Are Transdermal CBD Patches The Best Option?

Transdermal CBD Patches work seamlessly WITH your body, delivering TARGETED RELIEF DIRECTLY to areas of discomfort, ensuring a fast-acting and sustained release. Scientifically proven, these patches utilize the same vital cannabinoids that interact with your body's pain and mood receptors. From the moment of application, experience consistent, pinpointed support without the usual wait or inconsistency of traditional methods. Ideal for tackling muscle stiffness, joint discomfort, or general aches. Our patches are your discreet, potent ally in well-being, designed for all-day and all-night comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use patches instead of edibles?

Our patches utilize our proprietary technology to deliver a consistent dose over a 24 hour period whereas pills, creams, and other methods deliver a large dose all at once that your body simply cannot absorb.We ensure all-natural relief, safely and effectively, by bypassing the stomach digestion and getting you back to your best! Simply peel, place, and enjoy with Affix Patch. Done with the patch? Just simply remove when you are done :)

Does this sign me up for a subscription?

Nope! You will not be billed monthly. We do have subscriptions options available if you'd like to join, but are under no obligation through Nift.

How does your dosing work?

Our CBD patches provide a continuous dose from the 35mg patch over the course of 24 hours. Our patented delivery system is designed to maintain a steady and unchanging effectiveness.

Will this interfere with my medications?

It is not common but for safety concerns and potential interactions with other medications, please consult your healthcare provider. Hemp extracts may interact with certain medications, so it's crucial to get professional advice if you're on prescription drugs or have health conditions.

What about shipping?

Orders are typically processed and shipped within 24 hours. The delivery time depends on the shipping method chosen at checkout, with standard orders usually arriving in 3-5 business days. We offer free standard shipping for orders over $50

How do I know these will work?

We conduct extensive lab testing from 3rd party facilities to ensure our customers are getting the best ingredients and experience in the market today! Give us a try and see for yourself :)

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